Postdoctoral Fellows

We are looking for talented postdoctoral fellows interested in interdisciplinary projects to understand heart disease.  Current interests are in DNA Methylation, sc- and sn-RNAseq, and spatial transcriptomics, but as a young lab we are open to many other ideas!   Please contact the lab with your curriculum vitae, a summary (2 pages max) of their research interests and experience, and contact information for three reference


Graduate Students

Interested graduate students can join our lab either through the Genetics and Molecular Biology or Bioinformatics and Computational Biology graduate programs, both part of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program Umbrella.  Students who are interested in our research are encouraged to contact Christoph.  Rotation projects are currently available.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students from any department are encouraged to contact Christoph for possible positions in the lab.  We expect at least an 8-hour per week commitment, building up to a research project for course credit.  Undergrads are included in our manuscript author lists!


Our lab handbook can be found here